From the first wonderful moments, your baby is a miracle. So many needs, and such remarkable love…your child is a special person. When you can’t be there, let us be!

The Infant room is a warm, cozy place to be. We accept infants from six weeks to 18 months of age, with a maximum of 8 children in the program at any one time. The teacher/child ratio is one caregiver to 5 children.


We lovingly provide the personal contact your child wants and needs: holding them, reading, singing and talking to them. We help them explore educational toys to learn about their world. Come share our consistent, nurturing care!


In order to give your child the best care, we ask for a written schedule of their established daily routine. As much as possible, we follow this schedule to give them the sense of routine that comforts and encourages them.
When weather permits, your little ones are taken outside for short trips in a stroller, or on walks hand-in-hand with their teachers.

Food and Clothing

We ask for several changes of clothing, wipes, and disposable diapers unless there is a reason your child can’t use them. You will also need to provide a crib sheet and blanket for your child’s crib.
We check the child’s diaper’s every two hours, so we need to have enough diapers! We have storage space so that you can bring in a large bag, and we will notify you when more are needed.

For children under one year, you need to provide bottles, and formula if you do not want to use the kind the center provides.
For children over one year, whole milk and table food will be provided; a hot lunch and two healthy snacks from our staff dietitian will help keep your little one growing by leaps and bounds!