August means school and school means lots of school supplies! Start picking up extras during those great sales. We will be helping Whiz Kids and several of our Day Care children. Last year you all really came through and we helped more than 15 kids with supplies along with 3 backpacks and a pair of shoes! There will be a box for supplies by the Missions Table, or if you would like to donate money, Cathy will be happy to shop!

Please see Cathy H. with any questions. Thanks in advance for your help!

Biblical Meditation

The Wednesday evening course on Biblical Meditation has come to an end! A sincere thank you goes out to all who participated in this class. We had a wonderful group of about twenty people faithfully come and practice a guide book of Scripture meditation during a six-week period. I look forward to sharing the results of this course and presenting a reflection in the next month’s Newsletter. Pastor Chris Osterbrock


The book of Psalms ends with number 150, which is a joyous expression of praise to God! From the opening phrase, “Praise the Lord,” to the ending phrase, “Praise the Lord!,” the author, whom we don’t know, has written line after line of gratefulness and love to his God. I love this Psalm and find the various ways the praise is given to God as examples of how we can today praise Him. The Psalm begins by exhorting the reader to shout to God for His wonder and awesome strength in Heaven and His Creation in the world. It follows with various ways we can offer our praise with actual instruments of music: trumpets, harps, timbrel, strings and pipe. These are instruments with which the author would have been familiar since David had introduced music of all kinds into his tabernacle and worship to God. Singing, though not mentioned in this Psalm, would also have been an active part of the worship in the Jewish service. I find the phrasing in verse 6 interesting where we read: “Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.” The verse does not specify certain people, such as the choir or praise team only, or just Pastor Ken or Pastor Chris only, should praise the Lord. It states everything and everybody, which includes all who come before the Lord, should praise Him. It also is not a suggestion. I feel it is a command which the writer has given to us to praise God. This would include times of happiness and times of challenges. God does not tell us we will never experience problems or challenges, but He does promise us, if we believe in Him, He will give us the strength and direction to weather the problems and see His greatness in the challenges. Psalm 150 has been the basis for many songs, vocal and instrumental, over the years. The next time you listen to one of these, add your praise to God. More importantly, add your praise to God each day as you think of His power and marvelous gifts to you!

Jim Cagle, Minister of Music

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