Beyond Expectations

Many people live life doing the bare minimum. Chuck Swindoll writes, “But periodically we bump into a few refreshing souls, who have decided that they aren’t going to live in the swamp of the status quo, or run scared of being different, even though others will always say, ‘It can’t be done.’ Those who aim high are strong- willed eagle types who refuse to be bothered by the negativism and skepticism of the majority.”

The Bible teaches us to go beyond what’s expected and what most people may think is enough. Our Lord’s teaching to go the second mile was a revolutionary thought to people who disliked the Romans’ authority over them. William Barclay wrote about the teaching in Matthew 5, telling us, “What Jesus is saying is, ‘Don’t be always thinking of your liberty to do as you like; be always thinking of your duty and privilege to be of service to others.’”

In this new year we will have many ways to serve other people. We can use our time and our gifts to be a help and a blessing to our community through missions like Gideons, Whiz Kids, SEM Food Pantry, and A Caring Place. People may forget what we do, but not the Lord. “…He will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them” (Hebrews 6:10)

~ Pastor Ken

January 7
Learning God’s Word
Luke 2:41-52

January 14
Forgiving People
Matthew 18:21-35

January 21
Helping Others
Luke 10:30-37

January 28
Giving to God
Luke 21:1-4

Recorded Messages

12/24/17      A Message of Salvation

12/17/17      A Message of Peace

13/10/17      A Message to Mary

11/19/17      Thanksgiving to God

11/13/17      Always Thankful

10/15/17      Vessels for God’s Love

10/08/17     The Greatness of God’s Love

10/01/17      Showing His Love

09/24/17     Learning to Serve

09/17/17      Filled With Joy

09/10/17     A Family in Mission

09/03/17     Growing Together

08/27/17     Power in God’s Promises

08/13/17     Guidance From God

08/06/17     Life to the World

07/30/17     God Meets Our Needs

07/23/17     God Works for the Good

07/09/17    God’s Glory Never Ends

07/09/17     Doing Good For God

06/25/17     Strength From God

06/18/17     Our Father’s Promise

06/04/17    Promise of Eternal Life

05/21/17     Honoring Parents

05/07/17     Noble Women

05/07/17     Marriage Matters

04/30/17     Changed by God’s Mission

04/23/17     Changed by God’s Word

04/16/17     Changed by God’s Power

04/02/17     Changed by a Relationship

03/26/17     Asking for Help

03/19/17     Choosing to Thank God

03/12/17     Choosing to Come Home

02/29/17     Choosing to Help

02/19/17     Finding Help Together

01/29/17      The Road To Change

01/08/17     The Place to Be

12/11/16       Room For Jesus

12/04/16     Mary Finds Favor – Pastor Chris

11/27/16     God Works Miracles in Our Lives

11/20/16     God Blesses Others Through Us

11/13/16     God Multiplies Our Gifts

11/06/16     God Changes Things

10/30/16     The Expectation of God’s Love

10/23/16     The Nature of God’s Love

10/16/16     The Commitment of God’s Love

10/09/16     The Scope of God’s Love

09/25/16     The Position of Service

09/18/16     God’s Grace Gifts – Pastor Chris

08/28/16     God Helps Us Overcome Temptation

08/21/16     God Helps Us Overcome Isolation

08/14/16     God Helps Us Overcome Suffering

08/07/16    God Helps Us Overcome Sin

07/10/16     Leader of the Team

06/26/16    Jesus’ Brothers and Sisters

06/19/16     Parents and Children

06/05/16    How Loved We Are

05/22/16    Prayer and Devotion

05/15/16    A Prayer of Salvation

05/08/16   Praying for Family

05/01/16   Prayer in the Hour of Need

04/24/16  Waiting on God

04/17/16  Caring

04/10/16  Listening

03/13/16  Easter – Finding Jesus

03/20/16  Worship Together

03/13/16  Jesus’ Compassion

03/06/16  God’s Grace

02/28/16  Who Jesus Is

02/23/16  A Solid Church

02/14/16  Working Together

02/07/16  Freely

01/31/16  Only Trust Him

01/24/16  The Strength You Have

01/10/16  In God We Trust

01/03/16 Called