The Way (Youth Ministry) and Children’s Ministry

The youth are continuing their journey through the book of Revelation each Sunday morning; we are set to complete the book before May. We are also working through the first unit of Answers in Genesis’ ABC Curriculum, which is a fabulous way to both study Scripture and apply it to daily life. Pastor Chris Osterbrock

Young Adult Ministry

The young adult small group took a hiatus through March and looks forward to starting back again in April. The small group will be a six-week look at the doctrine of Assurance of Salvation; this study will be facilitated through a DVD and study guide (R.C. Sproul’s Assurance of Salvation series by Ligonier Ministries). Each session will have about twenty minutes of content and then plenty of time to discuss and apply the material. I’m especially looking forward to the discussions we might have!


The youth, children, young adults, and anyone else who would like to join in on the adventure will be headed to the Creation Museum on April 13th. Our Easter celebration is in the morning, and then at 2:00 p.m., whoever would like to meet and tour the museum together can hitch a ride in the church bus or carpool. We will meet at the Creation Museum and enjoy two hours together before heading back to the church. I will be posting and sharing an updated flier as the date approaches. The cost per ticket, attractions, parking, and directions can all be found at the Creation Museum website ( Please feel free to contact for more information!