Community Prayer Event

Praying for people struggling with addiction.

The next Community Prayer Event will be July 17 at 7:00 p.m., at Stanbery Park. We continue to pray for the real individuals whose names we were given at the last event.

Licensing of Jim Cagle

We invite you to join us for a Service of Licensing for Jim Cagle on Sunday, July 9.

Christian Yoga Classes

CHRISTIAN YOGA classes, for both male and female, are being offered at Mt. Washington Baptist Church on Mondays. Our vastly experienced instructor is Marianne Lang, who leads us in a fun and instructive program. The classes begin at 6:30 p.m. in the main Day Care room, with access through the front glass Day Care doors. A $10.00 donation is requested. Bring a mat or towel and a water bottle, and you’re ready!

Camp Kirkwood 2017- Save the Date

June 18-23: Junior High Grades 7-9 $330
June 25-28: New Adventure Camp Grades 3-4 $250
June 25-30: Junior Camp:Grades 4-6 $330
July 2-7: Senior High Camp Grades 9-12 $330
July 7-8: Beginner Camp Grades K-2 {includes parent} $160

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